• What is the problem?

    What is the problem?

    Customers using Oracle software are unable to make informed procurement decisions due to complex licensing rules, leading to non-compliance and un-budgeted spend.

  • How does Lime help?

    How does Lime help?

    Deliver cost-effective solutions that provide a complete integral license position without compromising on performance.

  • Result


    Cost Reduction and Mitigation, Compliance and Control of all Oracle Software Assets.

Our aim is to help customer’s protect themselves from decisions based on assumptions not facts.

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Oracle Asset Management Software & Audit Tools

Oracle licensing is a time consuming task which can lead to serious financial penalties if not done right.

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  • Designed by industry professionals to enable fast Oracle License Reviews
  • Lime Software provides our customers a set of software tools that enable organizations to optimize their Oracle License Investment
  • Over 2000 product definitions
  • Architected to meet stringent scalability, availability and security demands
  • Oracle Technology and e-Business Suite support
  • Granular Auditing to ensure compliance

Business Cases

  • Chief Technology Officer
    I need to know what impact Oracle Software costs has on my bottom-line, I need to prove to my board that they do not have any risks to worry about
  • Software Licensing Manager
    I want to ensure that our Software Asset Management Processes address all software products including Oracle.
  • Database Administrator
    I want fast efficient, secure way to get my licensing team the right answers to Oracle usage
  • SAM Partners
    We need to help our customers gain efficiencies through our scale and know-how, and so we need products that are proven and can leverage our skills.