Lime License Manager

Oracle License Manager


Affordable Oracle Software License Management

The Lime License Manager is our focused approach to assisting customers in Oracle Licensing based on the ISO 19770 Standard for Software Asset Management. The foundation is our Product Catalogue, a complete definition and rule based approached to all Oracle License Terms and conditions since the 1990's.

  • Product CatalogZoom
    Product Catalogue, over 2000 items detailing historic licensing rules, product names, versions and applicable license Metrics. Full listing of all Licensable Oracle products since the 1990's
  • Automated Inventory DataZoom
    Automated Inventory Data collection; through scripts or using Lime Enterprise Edition Inventory and Discovery
  • Contract ManagementZoom
    Contract Management- import of Oracle contracts entitlement, alerts and reporting
  • Actual License PositionZoom
    Actual License Positionbased on Inventory and Contract entitlement
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