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Lime Software - Capacity License Optimization (CLO)

June 27, 2014

Lime Software - Capacity License Optimization (CLO) is a game changing approach to Oracle Licensing. With CLO customers can see exactly what CPU demand is required to run specific Databases. Lime CLO takes system and database performance metrics and applies industry tested analysis methods to determine the actual system CPU requirements. This in turn is used to "right size” the CPU and therefore the applicable License Requirements.


Alex Andrew Director of Lime Software says "…the complexity in Oracle licensing have been well documented, however the key to Oracle licensing is often misunderstood. You pay for what you use. If you’re not using it, you are wasting your money. The reality we see is that systems are often 60% over designed in terms of capacity, resilient yes but woefully over specified. We find that systems are designed around Oracle best practices that are years out of date. The key cause is that System Architects and Software Licensing specialists do not often communicate. With Lime CLO, we are now able to offer customer a clear view of what CPU capacity is being used and what License options they have.”


Lime CLO is currently in Beta testing with existing customers.